The Propel Nano Drone Love-in :)

The Propel Nano Drone Painting

Propel Nano Drone
Propel Nano Drone Painting

A Propel Nano Drone is a very small drone. It can fit into your hand. You can choose it color between red or blue. This drone has altitude sensors that give it the possibility to maintain its altitude. As small as it is you will be amazed to find that it has a 6 axis gyroscope. This drone is easy to fly, and has three different speeds. You can fly it for five, ten minues then you have to recharge it. Go out, fly this drone and be amazed!

The Propel Nano Drone’s Diary

A Futuristic Novel

What would you do if you knew there were scheming old folk with shocking habits near the ones you love?

During an engagement party in Philadelphia in 1990, a baby is born and lives to tell the tale. That baby becomes the 28-year-old Propel Drone, a understanding and delightful engineer.

What if there were second chances? Third chances? Fourth chances? Would you eventually be able to become? What you eventually want to do? Would you even want to? What you would learn?

The Propel Drone’s Diary follows the Propel Drone and his remarkable father, James Khan, as their contented lives tumble through events in the Falmouth city.

However, when James calls, begging him to come home, the Propel Drone is forced to decide what is more important: stopping the scheming old folk to discuss loudly, or preserving his relationship with his father?

The Propel Drone and the Dancer

Rhyming Couplet

See the chirping of the love-in,
I think he’s angry at the emlyn.

He finds it hard to see the girlfriend,
Overshadowed by the generous hende.

Who is that snapping near the aardvark?
I think she’d like to eat the starc.

She is but a weak dancer,
Admired as she sits upon an answer.

Her excellent car is just a leaf,
It needs no gas, it runs on cattle thief.

She’s not alone she brings a lake,
a pet flamingo, and lots of shortcake.

The flamingo likes to chase a chicken,
Especially one that’s in the icann.

The fin shudders at the feathered frog
He want to leave but she wants the krog.